How to Return to School and Work as a Stay-at-Home Parent

If you’ve been a stay-at-home parent for a while but your kids are getting older and more independent, then you might be ready to make a change in your life in Charleston, SC. Perhaps it’s time for you to return to school or work. If so, read on for some ideas to get started on a new adventure.

Research Degree Programs

If you’re thinking about going back to school for an advanced degree, then begin with some research. You might pursue a degree in marketing or accounting or even an MBA that can give you a whole new level of business skills. Affordable opportunities are plentiful these days, and many of them are fully online. Just be sure to choose an accredited program with competitive tuition rates.

Pursue Professional Development

Instead of a degree, you might choose a professional development course to enhance the skills you already have in your field. If you have experience in project management, for instance, consider taking an online course to learn about Scrum tactics and strategies. So how to choose an advanced certified Scrum Master course? Scrum is a tool to increase communication and collaboration between team members working on major projects. Choose a professional development program that provides an assessment to help you review what you’ve learned and validate your new skills.

Balance Your Life

Whether you’re in school or pursuing professional development, you’re going to have to achieve a balance between life and school. If you’ve already started working or running a business, you’ll need to figure that in as well. Purchase a planner, or set up a planner app on your phone and use it constantly. Stay organized by recording all your activities, assignment due dates, and other necessary information in one place. Also, be sure to set aside some downtime to spend relaxing alone or with your family. Delegate family and household responsibilities, too, so that you can avoid being swamped.

Prepare To Enter the Workforce

As you prepare to enter the workforce, make sure that your resume is up to date. This will help you in your job search in Charleston and beyond. You can use a free online resume template to create a professional, eye-catching resume. Just choose from a variety of professionally designed templates, and add in your own text and any photos or images you may want. Proofread your resume carefully. It should be free from errors and formatted perfectly. With this in place, you’re ready to start applying for jobs.

Start Your Own Business

You may, however, decide that you’d do better starting your own business. This would provide greater flexibility and possibly the opportunity to work from home. Find a niche that suits your skills and interests, and draw up a basic business plan. Then create a website, and start marketing to draw in your first customers or clients. You may end up with a profitable pursuit.

Set Off on an Adventure

If you’re ready to set off on the adventure of returning to school and work, then you’ll want to research degrees or professional development options and focus on balancing life and work priorities. You’ll also need to make some plans and preparations to either enter the workforce or start your business. Find additional resources for parents through Compassionate Care Doula.

Image via Pexels

Article written by Kristin Louis. Thank you

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