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Happy to announce that I am fully VACCINATED!!!

Welcome to Compassionate Care Doula Services. I am a childbirth professional. I am trained and certified to provide you with up to date evidenced based information, along with emotional and physical support . Most parents are worried about what to expect and are nervous about their upcoming birth.  As your doula, I will provide continual support before your birth, during labor and delivery, and then your transition home with your new baby.  As part of my business practice, I base my knowledge on evidenced based information. Sharing these resources makes it easier for you and your partner to make informed decisions. My clients have found that  having access to this type of information and support , has empowered them to feel confident and prepared for their birth. 

Learn more about how I can help you here

Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Classes going on now sign up here on the contact us page

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