**Coronavirus Postpartum Support**


This package is customizable, you can decide what your needs are

Rates starting at 35.00 per hour. (*Classes and Sitz baths not included)

On Call 24/7 up to 2 weeks after child’s birth

*Breastfeeding Class (Zoom) 75.00

*4 Trimester parent Class (YBE) 150.00

Breastfeeding support – I can give you resources to help with breastfeeding issues and link you to IBCLC’s

Diapering -any questions

Perineal Care- *Handcrafted Herbal Sitz baths to help soothe you perineum after birth (20.00)

Cesarean Care- *Handcrafted Herbal Sitz baths to help soothe you (20.00)

Yoni Pops- instructions Sanitary pads with soothing gels to helps soothe your perineum ( I can also make them for you)

Infant and Mother well being- Go over your birth story, help you process it. Be a source of comfort and understanding. Help provide you with resources for sensitive moments and feelings. Non judge mental.

Recipes for easy to make freezer to oven meals- Several easy to make a head meals that go from freezer or fridge to oven or slow cooker

Run Errands

Make phone calls, help answer emails so you can rest

A list of after birth resources to make your 1st weeks at home easier