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Chevonne Archampong

“My experience with Dawn as my doula was amazing! I am a mom of three and I wanted a non-medicated birth this time around. Hiring a doula made a great difference in the birthing atmosphere. I would have not been able to get through the birthing experience without her. I would highly recommend Dawn Oliver for any doula services that you may consider.
After the initial interview I knew right away that Dawn was the doula I would hire. She was friendly, relatable, down to earth .”

Marianne Ramirez

“Dawn was my doula for my son’s July birth. I met with several doulas and dawn had more tricks up her sleeve than the others. I knew immediately that she was “the one”. The morning of my labor went better than I expected. Dawn knew what I wanted and that was to keep moving thru my contractions and not get an epidural. With her help using different positions I dilated quickly. When I wanted to give up and have the epidural she kept me going thru each subsequent contraction until I delivered. She kept me hydrated and used aromas and massage to help me manage the pain. Without dawn there I would have opted for drugs as soon as labor got intense and I would not have followed the birth plan I wanted. Thank you, dawn!

Veronica Mazariegos

“To all reading this, working with Dawn was delightful! She was always there whenever I needed advice or whenever I had any questions! During my birthing experience she was there to not only help me but guide me in right way! I don’t think my experience would’ve been the same with out her! Thank you!

Rebecca Ryan

“Working with Dawn was amazing. As soon as I met her, I knew I wanted her as my doula. She was warm and friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. Also, I decided I wanted a doula really late in my pregnancy and Dawn was incredibly accommodating and worked with me. While my birth plan did not go as expected and I ended up with a c-section, I was so glad Dawn was with me in the hospital. She was so positive and helpful, and it made me feel so better to have her at my side supporting me. I highly recommend her.”

Keila Flores

“When I chose to get a doula I had to pick from three. Dawn was the first one that contacted me. The day I met her I felt like she was a friend. Shes so caring nice and smart. After talking to her for just a few minutes I automatically knew I wanted her as my doula.She mad my 13 hour labor amazing. I don’t think I could have done it without her. She helped me alot with my contractions. She made my labor plan go as I wanted it to go.  She was there with me from the start even though it was Christmas eve . I think anyone who chooses Dawn as their doula wont be sorry. She just doesnt do it because its her job but because she loves helping us moms to be. Thank you for everything Dawn. You’re amazin

Mary LaRocco

“Dawn is so kind, warm and caring! I felt at ease when I first met her and she really made me feel comfortable, I knew that she would be great to have by my side during my “planned” natural birth. Unfortunately, my pregnancy did not go as planned, and I was required to spend the last five weeks of my pregnancy in the hospital and have a scheduled C-section. Although Dawn was not able to coach me through birth, she was a wonderful support during a difficult time and I am so grateful for all that she was there for me.

Brittany Flanagan

“The experience of labor was something that I knew I wanted to cherish instead of struggle with,  and when I met Dawn I was immediately confident in her ability to help me discover a less painful,  more natural way to bring new life into the world.  She was both consistently professional and consistently knowledgeable, and she was there to assist with any questions I had before,  during,  and after birth.  I have dawn to thank for helping me achieve my goal: I now have a different story than all the women who stick with the mainstream belief that birth is torturous!  All in all, my expectations were exceeded,  and I believe that all of dawns hard work, effort and positive energy will show throughout all her endeavors.  Needless to say, I would recommend her to anyone.

Carri Raffone

“I had never met Dawn until the day I went into labor. My original doula was supporting another client and Dawn was her backup. Reflecting on that joyous day, I would not have had it any other way. When Dawn arrived at my home (I had a planned home birth) she completely changed the dynamic of my labor for the better. Prior to her arrival I was doing the best I could as a first time mom to stay calm and relaxed with the help of just my husband. Well despite our efforts my body went into fight or flight mode and I was fighting through each surge. Once Dawn started supporting me through the surges, I was finally able to relax a bit.

Looking back I’m amazed at how easily she adapted to me and my family as well as with the midwives attending the birth. Her calm demeanor and obvious expertise helped my labor progress quickly. Every time I would stray from being calm, all I heard was her calm voice setting me back on track. She was so helpful in keeping me physically comfortable too with masssage and warmth when needed.

I would highly suggest that anyone looking for calm and sturdy support during their labor to hire Dawn as their doula. If and when I’m blessed with another child, I will be using her again but now by choice.”