Virtual Doula Services

C223E37B-9C52-4B9C-A048-8A9E6A8FD823-3276-00000243F418977A_tmpBirth Doula Virtual Services:

My Virtual Services include, a virtual prenatal visit to discuss your birth. We discuss how I will help you during your labor. We can discuss any concerns you may have about becoming a new parent. This can be done by Zoom.

We will discuss your past birth history, your pregnancy, comfort and care during early and active labor, your feelings about your birth, your fears, informed consent, hospital policies, procedures that may come up before and during labor, Medical interventions, and pain relief options. We can discuss the benefits of breastfeeding, should you decide to breastfeed. I will send you a “Welcome Packet” with helpful resources, links, book recommendations, and local reference information.

I will be available for your Labor and Delivery by phone (Zoom) to provide support for you. In early labor , I may suggest meditation. I have a calming MP3. Relaxing, and going on about your day can help labor progress. As the labor waves increase, I will offer other labor support methods. I can supply evidenced based information as needed. I will be available to offer emotional comfort and support as well. My goal is to help you follow your birthing plan so that you can have the best possible birth experience. I will serve as a reminder to help you voice those things that are most important you.

I also offer placenta encapsulation at a 10% discount with any virtual package

Virtual Postpartum Doula:

After you give birth can be a very confusing time. With a simple phone call, I offer support to help you adjust into being a new parent. I offer breastfeeding support, answer questions about perineal care or cesarean care. This can be done by phone (Zoom) You decide, whenever it is convenient for you. If you would like this service, I will arrange to talk with you when you arrive home and make sure that you dont have any questions or concerns. You are welcome to contact me at anytime for additional support by phone (Zoom) I will be available to you for a 2 week period. Additional time may be added.

My virtual birth doula services will include:

Consultation with expecting Mom
Consultation with your support person for your labor & delivery
Provide evidence based answers to questions you may have from your provider
Discussion of medical interventions, Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Intuition, Nothing (BRAIN**)
Discuss evidenced base comfort measures to help labor progress
Practice deep breathing and connecting with baby
I can help you write a simple birth plan
I will mail essential oils and instructions that I use to help with your labor
Custom on-screen Evidence Based Birth ® childbirth classes
I will be on call to help you process your birth story
I will be available after your birth for breastfeeding support