Home Birth/Birthing Center Education


Home births and Birthing Centers births offer very different experiences from a hospital birth. The interventions that are discussed at length do not present the same challenges as in a home birth atmosphere. There are sill things that should be discussed and considered. You may still want a birth plan, and/or a plan in case of a hospital transfer. You will want to advocate for yourself if the need arises. So for these reasons and much more, I offer a Home/Birthing Center childbirth education class. This class is offered privately, in a group or virtual. In this class you will be provided with:

  • A copy of a Home/Birthing Center Birth Plan
  • Home/Birthing Center supply list
  • Preparation suggestions for your desired Home/Birthing Center birth
  • Mother Blessings Ideas
  • Postpartum Plans
  • A copy and explanation of the “Birth Pause